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    Have you ever had the feeling that you are putting in long hours and hard work into your business but you keep going backwards?

    Perhaps there has been a severe downturn in your industry, a debtor you were relying on to pay you has gone broke or maybe you are just a victim of a tough economy where people don’t spend like they used to.

    Bills are mounting up. The Tax Office, creditors, landlords and banks are all calling you and you don’t know what else you can tell them.  Sometimes you don’t even know what went wrong.  Sometimes it’s obvious but you can’t do anything about it.

    At Maybiz Solutions Chartered Accountants, we deal with these situations almost every day so we are fully aware of the emotions and pressures associated with owning a small business and particularly when everything seems to have gone wrong.

    We can offer light at the end of the tunnel.  We pride ourselves on always providing our clients with a better outcome than if they had just given up and walked away. We understand how the tax, legal and insolvency business works and we know how to make it work in your favour. We will act in your best interests and not those of your creditors

    We are qualified professionals with many years experience in tax, accounting, financial services and small business consulting.

    Call or email us any time and we will offer friendly, non-judgemental advice on improving your situation. We have many tools at our disposal and the track record of helping people get on top of their business problems.  Even if you just need help with your tax returns, bookkeeping or general business advice, we provide a one-stop shop for all your needs.


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